Globe Valves

Globe Valve

Laminar globe control valves stand for highest quality and are used even under tough conditions such as for industrial water and wastewater treatments or chemical/chlorine applications as well as for chemical and milk of lime systems.

 The main purpose of globe valves is a full or partial (with throttling or regulating function) shut-off of the working medium flow. The movable operating part of a globe valve is a stem. Main features of the usage of globe valves are:

  • Tight shut-off and effective controlling capabilities

  • Compact design and simple construction

  • Uncomplicated maintenance and repair

  • Modular design with few parts required

The construction of globe valves has a few peculiarities. For example, depending on the sealing materials/system, it is differentiated between globe valves with gland packing and globe valves with bellow.

 At normal temperatures the gland packing is a better choice of sealing material. On the other hand, a globe valve with bellow is flexible sealing choice. One side of the bellow is connected tightly to the valve body, while the other one is adjacent to the valve parts.

 The bellow strongly tightens the stem and the packing gland from the working medium. This is especially important for the work with high-temperature, explosive and dangerous working media. The disadvantages of this technique are a shorter operating life and a complicated maintenance of the bellow construction.

 Our globe valves are modular and can be assembled with a hand wheel or with a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic actuator and can be equipped with valves accessories such as positioners, limit switches and solenoid valves.