Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic power Honda gasoline engine

Generator with hydraulic motor for gas & water pipeline drilling equipment.

Are you looking for a high-pressure hydraulic power unit – gasoline operated to run your hydraulic actuator for various applications including hazardous areas? Look no further! We custom design our hydraulic power units and review the pressure and flow parameters together with you, taking into account the load profiles and the special application, onshore and offshore. We design a hydraulic power pack that accurately meets your most demanding requirements.

Laminar unit is a compact hydraulic power pack with petrol-gasoline engine designed to give pressures up to 700 Bar, for its compact design is easy to lift and transport.

The distribution hydraulic valve assures the optimum control and manipulation of the pressure that is visualized by the pressure gauge.

The machine components are of the highest quality to give ultimate performances and long-performance life.

Rigid and manoeuvrable, Laminar unit is ideal in all high pressure applications, with safety tools, in the gas pipeline drilling, water main hot-tapping, railroad maintenance, with concrete crackers, with hydraulic rock splitters, etc.