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Louver Dampers

Laminar line of Louver dampers provides reliable control and isolation. Our designs offer quick response and fast operating cycles. The Louver damper is capable of providing reliable and repeatable flow control for all applications.   Louver Dampers or Multi-Vane Louver Dampers consist of several blades mounted parallel across a duct. They provide a combination of flow …

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Guillotine Dampers

Laminar Guillotine dampers can be used in any application where shutoff/isolation is needed for routine maintenance or modification work in the duct system. We can supply various sealing systems to provide the desired sealing efficiency for your Guillotine damper requirements, including seal air system for 100% sealing efficiency. Various types of actuation can be supplied …

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Butterfly Dampers

Laminar butterfly dampers provide a simple and cost effective method for duct control and isolation with various sealing options. Itcan be manufactured in Carbon Steel or Stainless steel, with other metals and alloys. They can be actuated pneumatically, electrically or manually via a simple hand lever or gearbox and hand wheel. Laminar offers customized butterfly dampers …

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Plastic Check Valves

Whatever your Piping System application, we have the right check valve to ensure a laminar flow and prevent reverse flow.

Plastic Diaphragm Valves

Our plastic diaphragm valves includes manual, pneumatic and electric units in various sizes and for different pressure ranges, assuring the right valve for any application. Designed to provide precise throttling control and shut-off for industrial, chemical and water treatment applications. Weir type design diaphragm valve eliminates entrapped fluids in valve and is ideal for conveying …

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Plastic Butterfly Valves

Plastic Butterfly Valves have proven to outperform metal valves in many applications, PVC-U or high temperature handling CPVC provide high chemical and corrosion resistance while offering lighter weight. Our plastic butterfly valves are modular, allowing them to be integrated into any gas or liquid piping system easier due to its lower weight compared to metal …

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Plastic Ball Valves

Developed in 1930 in Europe, PVC-U (rigid polyvinyl chloride – unplasticized) is extracted through the polymerization of a vinyl chloride monomer. The presence of chlorine in the PVC-U molecule offers high performance resin, especially in terms of thermal stability, chemical and mechanical resistance, with temperatures of up to 60° C. Laminar true union ball valve …

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Repair Clamps & Branch Connection

A range of repair clamps and under-pressure tapping products, available in both ductile iron and stainless steel. These products provide wide tolerances for repair and branch connections for pipes made from different materials. The range can be installed under pressure, removing the requirement for expensive shut downs.

Dismantling Joints

When adjustment is required in flanged pipe systems, a dismantling joint is the solution. It is a double-flanged fitting suitable for such adjustments. It facilitates the assembly and disassembly of flanged pipework, fittings and equipment such as, valves, pumps, flow meters and others. When the dismantling joint is connected from one side, it allows the …

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