Control Valves (Pneumatic Globe Control Valves)

puneumatic actuator control globe valve (2)

Laminar designs, manufactures and supplies pneumatic control valves to the chemical industry, water & wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants, for power plants as well as the petrochemical industry.

Laminar globe control valves designed to regulate the flow rate, pressure or temperature of liquids, gases or vapors and are used even under tough applications such as for industrial water and wastewater treatment plants or chemical/chlorine applications as well as for chemical and milk of lime systems.

High-performance valve actuator:
Our pneumatic multi-spring actuators, with reliable construction, are characterized by short actuating times, improved actuating forces, and tight sealing. Our control valves are also available with electric or electrohydraulic actuators.

Smart Positioner:
Our digital positioner is a multi-functional interface with integrated support for the controller or process control system. Mechanical/analog electro-pneumatic IP positioner is also available.

Reliable stem seals:
Our technical team can precisely tailor the stem seal to suit the process fluid, pressure, and temperature required. The design, stem surface, and packing material support each other perfectly to avoid issues with friction, corrosion, and emissions.

Robust, high-precision valve trims:
particularly designed to prevail flow conditions in your plant. The shape, seats and material from which they are made are optimized to meet your operation’s requirements.

PN10, 16, 25, 40, 63

Liquid & Gas


Thermal power plants | Gas turbines | Biogas & landfill gas | Pipeline & gas distribution systems | Industrial combustion | Air separation plants | Vessel unloading stations | Seawater desalination plants | Water treatment plants

  • 2-way or 3-way design
  • Wide selection of materials, including DI, Steel, Stainless steel, duplex, etc.
  • Flange, threaded or weld end connections
  • Leakage class IV, V or VI
  • Design standards according to ASME/API
  • Seat of metal or PTFE
  • Process temperature range from -30° to +400° C
  • Diaphragm type pneumatic actuator from 80 cm² up to 3000 cm², and piston type pneumatic actuator from diameter50 mm up to 125 mm
  • Choice of pneumatic, mechanical I/P (analog) or smart (digital) positroners
  • Positioner available with IP66, IP67, IP68 & EX-proof
  • Optional manual override

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