Flanged Butterfly Valve

Big  blue industrial valve for the main pipelines
PN6, 10, 16, 25, 40

Drinking water | Raw water| Cooling water | River water | Service water | Seawater | Aggressive types of water | Wastewater (in some cases / pre-treated)


Water transmission pipeline| Water distribution network | Water treatment | Pre-treated wastewater | Dams | Power plants | Industrial application | Pressure management| Shipbuilding | Seawater intakes

  • Eccentric, double offset, triple eccentric & concentric disk options for flanged butterfly valve
  • Resilient-seated in accordance with EN593 and metal seated option
  • Face-to-face length according to EN 558, or AWWA C-504 for short body type
  • Epoxy coating internally and externally, Halar coating, and other coating options can be offered according to application condition
  • Flanges and bolt pattern conform to EN1092-2/1
  • Possible to replace sealing ring without disassembling the disk
  • Tight shut-off in both flow directions according to EN 12266, leak rate A
  • Body material can be Ductile Iron or of welded steel or stainless steel
  • Disk of Ductile Iron, steel, aluminium or stainless steel
  • Can be rubber-lined (vulcanized) for seawater and polluted media applications
  • A unique vulcanized lining body and profiled sealing design improving the performance to a very high level and protect the valve from corrosion
  • With self-locking, fully enclosed, maintenance-free worm gear including mechanical position indicator. Bevel gearbox available on request

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