Plastic Ball Valves


Developed in 1930 in Europe, PVC-U (rigid polyvinyl chloride – unplasticized) is extracted through the polymerization of a vinyl chloride monomer. The presence of chlorine in the PVC-U molecule offers high performance resin, especially in terms of thermal stability, chemical and mechanical resistance, with temperatures of up to 60° C.

Laminar true union ball valve can meet any challenge and application. Whether in uPVC, CPVC, ABS, FRPP or PVDF – it is the ideal valve for use in any application from simple water applications to highly complicated chemical processes. Its modular design and material diversity assure easy operation, flexibility, automation choices and maximum process reliability.

DNDN15 - DN300

Water | Seawater | Wastewater | Brine | Chemicals


Industrial water processing | Water treatment | Chemical process industry | Seawater desalination | Swimming pools | Aquatic life – support /oceanarium | Landscaping | Water softener systems | Microelectronics | Food & Beverage

  • High quality standard ball valve
  • Modular design with wide range of variants
  • A choice of socket, spigot or threaded connectors
  • Fully serviceable, replaceable components

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