Pressure Reducing Valve


Laminar diaphragm-type control valves for pressure reducing applications (PRV) automatically reduce a higher or unstable inlet pressure to a lower, desired outlet pressure. The outlet pressure remains constant, regardless of fluctuations in flow rate or pressure in the inlet side.

The main control valve is pilot operated, also it can be turned into 3-way solenoid operated Pressure Reducing Valve, activated by an electric current or an electric charge to open or close the main valve. The standard valve is provided with “normally closed” solenoid valve. A “normally open” solenoid valve is optional. Which will make it electrically operated control valve. Or it can be provided with 3-way relay valve, activated by pneumatic pressure command to open or close the main valve so it becomes a pneumatically operated control valve.

PN10, 16, 25

Water | Effluent water


Transmission pipeline | Distribution network | Pumping stations | Treatment plants | High-rise buildings | Pressure management

  • Diaphragm-operated control valve with own-medium control for the regulation of pressure and flow rates in pipeline systems without external power supply
  • Independent from variations of the inlet side pressure and flow rate, the valve reduces a higher inlet pressure to a predetermined outlet pressure.
  • With flange ends on both sides according to EN 1092-2
  • Separate connection of pilot control circuit and pressure gauges
  • Designed to reduce cavitation by using slotted cylinder
  • Body and bonnet of Ductile Iron
  • Diaphragm of WRAS approved EPDM
  • Control circuit and pilot valves body of stainless steel or brass
  • Hydraulic test according to EN 1074 and EN 12266; Seat: 1.1 x PN. Body: 1.5 x PN
  • Can be modified to be electrically or pneumatically operated

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