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We offer solenoid valves in many different versions with optimized versions for almost every application. Our solenoid valves are based on a well-known robust engineering. The plunger moves vertically in a guide tube. The designed spring tension of a barrel spring causes the plunger in de-energized status to be pressed either in NC-Position (Normally closed) or in NO-Position (Normally open).

The solenoid valve principle is implemented in various versions e.g.: 2-way valve NC, 2-way valve NO, 3-way valve NC, 3-way valve NO. Whether you need a 2-way solenoid valve, a 3-2 solenoid valve in a standard version or a customized solenoid valve block, we will make it according to your specifications. With a short development and lead time, as well as a comprehensive range of services from the development all the way to production, we are able to understand even your most complicated application.

Solenoid Valves Accessories

  • Timer Switch Device
  • Encapsulated magnetic coils
  • Device boxes
  • Valve connectors with cable entry
  • Cables
PNmax. 450 bar

All liquids and gases


Wastewater treatment plants | Seawater desalination plants | Power plants | Chemical plants | Industrial applications

  • Depending on the application, flow and pressure requirement, the customer can choose between direct-controlled, pilot controlled and force-pilot-controlled solenoid valves
  • Available with DC voltage or AC voltage
  • 2-way valve NC (Normally Closed)
  • 2-way valve NO (Normally Opened)
  • 3-way valve NC (Normally Closed)
  • 3-way valve NO (Normally Opened)
  • Available with EPDM, NBR or FPM sealing
  • Each solenoid valve type is available with both brass and stainless steel body material
  • Standard and customized models from the smallest types with an M5 port up to models with a G2 port and a nominal size of up to DN50

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