Water Air Valve


For proper operation of a pipeline, a means of releasing air during filling, drawing, and normal operation must be provided. Trapped air in pipeline systems causes numerous and serious hydraulic problems and should be avoided. When a pipeline is drained, air must be permitted to enter the line. The release and allowing of air are typically handled with automatic air valves.

Laminar Air Valves offers the most reliable air valve design to overcome challenges associated in pipeline systems. Our air valves are designed for efficient discharge and admit of air in water pipelines and other places where trapped air could harm the system’s operation and efficiency.

PN10, 16, 25



Transmission pipeline | Distribution network | Water treatment plants | Sea water desalination plants | Dams | Industrial plants

  • Sealing system: resilient seated
  • Single-chamber & double-chamber air valves in compact design
  • Double orifice type with a large orifice for automatic ventilation of the pipeline and a smaller orifice for automatic release of air pockets during operation under pressure
  • Triple function Air Valve:
    Large orifice to admit air during emptying the pipeline
    Large orifice to release air during filling the pipeline
    Small orifice to release air during normal working conditions
  • Corrosion-proof due to stainless steel inner parts and float can be of plastic or stainless steel
  • High discharge capacity up to sonic velocity due to stabilized floater
  • Safe and reliable operation even at high air-release velocities
  • All operating components are made of specially selected, corrosion-resistant materials
  • Can be mounted with isolating valve like lug-type butterfly valve with hand lever, gate valve or ball valve
  • Minimum operation pressure: 0.3 bar

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