Valve & Maintenance

Pipeline Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Services

Valve & Maintenance Services

Whether on-site or at the workshop: our well-trained service technicians ensure competent and scheduled repair or maintenance work so that your system is up and running as quickly as possible.
Our technicians can diagnose and perform valve repair of virtually all major brands, types & sizes of valves and actuators including gate, butterfly, globe, check, air, ball and pressure safety valves as well as electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.

We can provide you with original spare parts for your valves. We provide prompt customer field service response for all types and brands of valves, gearboxes and actuators. Our technical support can be planned or in response to emergencies.

Gearbox & Ancillary Parts – Refurbishment / Replacement

Laminar provides gearbox refurbishment services for all valves in all types of networks, whether on potable water, rainwater, sewage, or gas. Refurbishing valve gearing or valve components will enhance the reliability of your valves, extend their life expectancy & reduce the need for costly shutdowns.

A standard valves’ refurbishment would include:
• Valve strip-down and assessment.
• Providing statement of any services, issues or spares that are required
• Blasting relevant parts & re-paint, if required.
• Replace the required spare parts.
• Testing, commissioning & calibration, if required.
• Issue a service report as well as test certificate

Pipeline Hot Tapping & Line Stopping Services

Beside the supply & delivery of hot-tapping machines, Laminar offers high quality hot tapping and line stopping services. Laminar hot tapping and line stopping method allow expansion and modification of pipe networks to be done alive under operational pressure without stopping the network or interruption in the line. Hot tapping is a common practice when particular parts of a pipeline network have issues that require modification or repair works.
Line stopping can isolate specific parts of the pipeline network in order to do certain alteration works on the pipeline in safe fashion and with minimum disruption to production.

Our hot tapping machines enables us to make branches from DN10 to DN800 with pressure rating up to PN40. Pipeline materials can vary from PE pipes to DI & stainless steel.

Hot tapping & line stopping methods are effective methods for making fabrication works and maintenance to a pipeline network while remaining operational, saving time, money and the environment as no draining or spilling of the media will take place.

Application Areas:

• Water transmission pipeline & distribution networks

• District cooling or heating networks


• Process industry

• Oil and gas networks