Solenoid valves


We offer solenoid valves in many different versions with optimized versions for almost every application. Our solenoid valves are based on a well-known robust engineering. The plunger moves vertically in a guide tube. The designed spring tension of a barrel spring causes the plunger in de-energized status to be pressed either in NC-Position (Normally closed) or in NO-Position (Normally open).

The solenoid valve principle is implemented in various versions e.g.: 2-way valve NC, 2-way valve NO, 3-way valve NC, 3-way valve NO.

Whether you need a 2-way solenoid valve, a 3-2 solenoid valve in a standard version or a customized solenoid valve block, we will make it according to your specifications. With a short development and lead time, as well as a comprehensive range of services from the development all the way to production, we are able to understand even your most complicated application.

PNmax. 450 bar
MediumAll liquids and gases
ApplicationWastewater treatment plants | Seawater desalination plants | Power plants | Chemical plants | Industrial applications
FeaturesDepending on the application, flow and pressure requirement, the customer can choose between direct-controlled, pilot controlled and force-pilot-controlled solenoid valves
  • Available with DC voltage or AC voltage
  • 2-way valve NC (Normally Closed)
  • 2-way valve NO (Normally Opened)
  • 3-way valve NC (Normally Closed)
  • 3-way valve NO (Normally Opened)
  • Available with EPDM, NBR or FPM sealing
  • Each solenoid valve type is available with both brass and stainless steel body material
  • Standard and customized models from the smallest types with an M5 port up to models with a G2 port and a nominal size of up to DN50

Solenoid Valves Accessories

  • Timer Switch Device
  • Encapsulated magnetic coils
  • Device boxes
  • Valve connectors with cable entry
  • Cables