Tap and Drill Equipment for Gas pipelines

Laminar Drilling and Tapping machine is specifically designed to compete with other approved Drilling & Tapping machine used in the UK and Germany Gas Industry.

Unlike other machines, the ours boasts a patented design Valve Gate, which gives a GUARANTEED Gas Proof Seal at low pressures, e.g. slightly above atmospheric pressure, which other machines cannot offer.

  • Gas Drilling & Tapping Machine 1/2” – 2”.
  • Approved to BGC/PS/ E1
  • For mains pressure up to 2bar.
  • Patented Design.
  • Drill & Tap 3” BSP on Non Pressurised Mains.
  • Drills Steel, Cast & Ductile Iron and PE Pipes.
  • Inserts Tees, Plugs, etc.
  • Can be used on Mains diameters up to DN600 (24”).
  • Uses Pass Holesaw Cutters and Taps.
  • Can be used with High Speed Solid and Cup Drill Taps.