Filter welded ball valve

With over 10 years’ experience in the valve industry, we pride ourselves on giving a fast response with competitive and technically appropriate parts to meet our customer’s requirements with high standards and reliability.

Laminar supplies and manufactures replacement and refurbished parts for valves in the water, wastewater, gas, marine, power and petrochemical industries.

We can design, develop, reverse engineering and manufacture spare parts for valves and pumps that meet or exceed the quality of the original OEM.

Valve spare parts

  • Seat rings
  • Disk
  • Disk stacks
  • Valve Cages
  • Plugs
  • Stems
  • Control Valve Guide bushes
  • Trim manufacturing
  • Balls
  • V-ball
  • Air valves floats
  • Bonnet
  • Solenoid valve coils
  • Hand wheels
  • Extension spindles
  • Cone strainers
  • Filters

Seal Kits

  • O-rings
  • Control valve overhaul kits / soft spares
  • Packing Sets
  • Body joints for control valves
  • Piston Rings / lip Seals
  • Pressure Sealed Bonnet Graphite Seal systems
  • Pumps mechanical seals

Actuator Spares and Seal Kits: 

  • Electric actuators motors and cards
  • Hydraulic actuator pistons
  • Pneumatic actuator Springs
  • Seal Box sets
  • Control Valve Actuator Diaphragms
  • Control Valve Actuator Diaphragm Buttons
  • Actuator ‘O’ ring kits
  • Control Valve Wiper Seals